When it comes to recording Spider Studios have been leading the way for over twenty years. We have a massive amount of gear and gigantic complex to suit every need.


The mix is the 2nd stage of the recording process. Where all the sounds blend together to create a complete cohesive song. Professional ears are a must when it comes to the mix and we have plenty of experience crafting the tone of major label albums.


Mastering is the final phase of recording. And one of the most important. It’s the overall volume and EQ of the project. We have the gear to take your project to the next level and ensure it will slam in every system.


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New Studio Additions

Check out our list of gear that includes the world renowned Neumann U47 Tube mic and the Solid State Logic Sigma that can make just about any vocal sound like butter. We are always bringing in new gear so check back often.

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What our clients say

I’ve recorded with Ben since I was 20 years old, since before I even got a record deal. It’s the type of vibe where you can smoke a joint to the face, take a couple shots, lay down some ideas, and leave with a classic.

Machine Gun Kelly Machine Gun Kelly

We just felt it was right to have Ben Schigel and Spider Studios put the finishing touches on the album, Ben is very exacting and brings new life into the recordings.

Ohio Sky Vinne DiFranco

There's a reason I've used Spider Studios for over twenty years. They're simply the best around. Ben Schigel and Tony Gammalo are amazingly talented producers whose advice was crucial to my success as a professional musician. I'm extremely thankful for Spider Studios. They've helped me live the dream for a long, long time.

Chimaira Mark Hunter